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Multifamily Property Resource Center.

When we build our home, it’s among our dream to reduce the energy bill. South California Edison (SCE) offers different programs and tools that help to achieve efficiency as well as reducing the energy bill. All the programs are provided for free since the main objective of the SCE is to ensure that your house is ecofriendly. Don’t be left out when it comes to becoming energy efficient as it helps you to save more money and attain financial independence when you want to safe the cost the SCE will provide you with star rated appliances and equipment which are energy efficient.

Using the LED Lightings.

Home decor LED Lighting
Modern luxury kitchen with white LED lighting

One of the best recommend way for reducing the energy bills and achieving the energy efficiency home is through the use of the LED bulbs and flashlights. Avoid using traditional bulbs in your home as they consume a lot of energy. Comparing the standard bulbs in the electrical store to the LED bulb, when the lamp is on for 12 hours when using the LED you will pay less than half the amount you could pay when using the LED bulbs. The only challenge is that the LED bulbs and flashlights are expensive than the regular tungsten bulbs. The SCE will offer you the guidance and explain further in detailed why you should consider energy-efficient appliances.

Installation of Solar Panel System

Another voted the way of becoming energy efficient is through the installation of the solar systems. A solar system can be used as a source of power, and they don’t have advance effects on the environment. Using the photovoltaic or solar heater, you can use them to heat water instead of using another form of energy to heat water. There are other programs in California which offer incentives to those who install the solar system in their home. The incentives come to inform of cashback after you have provided information and documents showing that you have recently installed a solar system. For you to get the incentive, you need to hire a reputable contractor.

Rebates for Your Multifamily Property.

The SCE understands that you don’t need to pay a lot of energy bill. With that, they offer a program that gives rebates to the multifamily.  The team will help you in using the new technology to ensure that you save money on your energy bill. There is a limitation of the rebate funds, and thus interested candidates and those who meet the requirements send their application for consideration. When you install the star rated LED energy-efficient outdoor fixtures, you will get about $23 per fixture as a rebate.  For the T8 LED lamp replacement, you will get up to $2 per lamp. When you install a star rated energy-efficient heat pump water heater, you will get about $500 per unit. For the thermostat, you will get $50 if you meet all the requirements. If you are in South Carolina visit the official SCE official website or visit the local SCE representatives.

Solar Panel installation
solar tiles

Energy Saving for Tenants.

The SCE understands that even tenants need to enjoy incentives for saving energy. They have a program called the Energy Saving Assistance which works for hand in hand with the tenants and replace their old, but functional electrical equipment with the Star-rated energy-efficient ones. If you are a tenant and you would like to participate in the appliance exchange program you need to confirm is you are eligible and apply. The application form can be found online; make sure that you provide the right/correct information to avoid being disqualified. All the application form and the enrollment status check are all listed on the official South Carolina Edison website. Remember, when you are more energy efficient you can save a lot of money which can be used in other economic activities.


You need to participate in making the world a better place, and the SCE will offer you incentives. There are many programs in Carolina which are dedicated to ensuring that we achieve an eco-friendly home. The main objective of the SCE is to ensure that the homes use more energy-efficient appliances and help them save money. For the Energy Saving Assistance, the appliances given you will have full ownership provided you follow the right procedure. Let’s make our homes such that they will not have an advance effect on our environment tomorrow.

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