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About Our Company

Here at AttiCity, we have a mission. We have committed to our community, our employees, and our clients to make the world a better place. We are actively engaged in multiple programs to help stem climate change and aid in global reforestation. The planet cannot heal if we as people do not act to support it.

What Are We Doing to Help?

At AttiCity, we are committed to funding and promoting renewable energy resources. This includes solar, winds, and various other forms of renewable energy. The world is filled with multiple sources of energy, and it does not make sense to continue to rely on the ones that can run out and destroy the air at the same time.

Another area where we aim to help improve the planet is reforestation and beautification. For each completed project, AttiCity plants one tree. Over time we can help to rebuild the forests that have been decimated by generations of deforestation for various purposes.

How Our Company Works

Here at AttiCity, we have a process. First, we want to come to meet you and see your home. Each home is different, and no two remodeling projects are the same. We need to get an idea of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Second, we want to design the best home for you. We take a look at your plans, what you told us you want, and how much you want to spend. We then produce a design that we think you are going to love. Of course, no one can get it right every time, so if you don’t like the design, we are happy to try again.

Finally, we handle all the steps in the remodeling project. We can even help you get financing to fund your project. We consult with the contractors, plan the inspections, and handle all of the hard work. All you have to do is sit back and watch the progress unfold. We even screen our contractors, so you can rest assured that the work that our contractors perform is of high quality. Thanks to this, we offer extended warranties of all remodeling performed.


  • Roofing
  • HVAC
  • Solar Panels
  • Insulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Attic cleaning
  • And much, much more…

To the roofing & beyond!

We, at AttiCity®, are ready to finish your project top to bottom. Along with a highly qualified crew, we provide all Attic & Roofing services in California. We know it’s all starts with a phone call and ends up as another family member of our company. You should expect no less than 100% satisfaction.

Let us help you by financing solutions

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We will help you to make your dream come true

The major obstacle in every roofing, solar system or insulation project is the money. On the one hand, you want to have the best quality and service. On the other hand, it might be challenging to pay for the whole renovation. Here we can help you out. After free meeting and consulting, we will offer you a financing plan as well. Our partners and government programs will cut your pricing and divide it into small amounts each month.

More than that, we are obligated to provide the best quote among all other licensed roofing contractors in California. The final pricing will be structured to allow you the best value for your investment.

We are licensed, bonded & insured contractors in California state

Projects, as we do at AttiCity, requires a lot of high-quality human resources licenses. Building a roof or set up a solar system is a job for professionals. We will be happy to assist you to clean up your attic from rodent & mold. To swap up your old insulation with a new one, find leakings and seal your attic.

Our goals

AttiCity will team continuously seeking new and far better technology for our clients. And to stay ahead of other roofing contractors in California. Our specialized team & administrative members are continually improving their skills to much better serve you. We will are educating our worker’s to provide 100% customers satisfaction. Our premium products, coupled with skilled and certified service providers, will make sure you are happy. AttiCity will fulfill each and every request of yours.

We are professionals in leakage detection

Rest assured that The AttiCity professionals will certainly discover the source of your leak and also make all the repair services essential to keeping you dry and secure. Roofing fixings in California is are our specialized, as well as we will certainly remain to supply professional as well as expert service, day in and day out.

Re-roof specialists

Has your roof covered outlived its life expectancy? We can replace your old roof roofing with a brand-new one. Whether your roofing merely is old or if it has been harmed from the rough sun of California, you can be positive that we will take care of any of your demands.

New Roofing?– No Problem!

We can install & build any roofing. You may get a better price, but you won’t get better service all around California state.


Change is inevitable. You can either change with the times, or you can be left behind. AttiCity is committed to changing and evolving. We have managed to remain a powerhouse in the remodeling business for years thanks to this strategy, and we don’t plan to stop growing anytime soon.

AttiCity is a local, family-owned company in the Bay Area. Along the years, we have built and repair many roofs, installed solar panels, clean up attics, and earn the reputation of being one of the leading companies for energy efficiency all around. It’s not only because we are hiring the most professional workers around, but we are also friendly and super care about every one of our clients.

Think green - earn money

The energy efficiency technology is constantly improving every day. The cost has been reduced. Think green is not only a slogan, it's the new/old way to save the world & your budget!

Learn more about energy efficiency

AttiCity experts will be glad to consult and help you out with all the latest energy efficiency technology. Click to view more.
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Solar Panels

The dream of each and every homeowner is to get paid only because of the solar panels on the roof. The new technology allows you to produce more power from the shiny sun of the Bay Area.

Get a tax credit

The federal government offers a 30% off from your tax credit. At 2023, this credit tax for PV solar panels system will expire.
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