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Solar panel installation
High life with Solar panels.

Understanding the brief into green energy through solar tiles.

Are you laying a construction and are wondering the means to keep your energy bills as low as possible? Installing solar tiles keeps energy bills at bay.  Today marks four years since I installed solar tiles in my home.  I can enjoy free lighting in my house 24/7. Solar tiles are also elegant and will give your home an appealing look.

What are solar tiles?

Solar tiles are small modules that can be attached to the shingles, or you can substitute them. Just like solar panels, solar tiles turn sunlight into electricity. Solar tiles give your roof a more natural and refined look and will blend in perfectly with your roof. The different styles of the solar tiles, the Tuscan glass tiles, slate glass tiles, textured Tuscan glass and smooth glass tiles, provides options for you to choose one that suits your property. They are a product of the thin-film PV or elegant monocrystalline solar cells. In the past, solar tiles were quite pricy. However, as the years go by, they are gaining popularity ad are becoming price effective.

Solar tiles Vs. solar panels in the production of energy

Monocrystalline solar panel
solar tiles

Many people have this question in their mind. When it comes to energy production which between the solar tiles and solar panels produce more? To answer this, we could say that solar panels provide relatively more solar energy than solar tiles. However, the solar tiles blend in seamlessly with the design of the roof where it is installed.

Most of the integrated PV surfaces for the solar tiles are curvy by nature. Hence, the sunlight reaches the roof tiles at an optimal angle. If installation is not done correctly, then it limits the amount of the sun reaching the tiles. However, the rising power optimization and monitoring technologies are here to make a difference. Soon, the solar tile will be more efficient than the panels. Smart electronics and other techs will eliminate the shading problem, which is the topmost drawback to solar tiles’ efficiency.

Smart grid and individual monitoring

The performance of the entire solar tile system can be monitored through a user-friendly application. This product is easy to install since the roof tile can replace and augment the current roof models. During installation, ensure that it is compatible with the existing roofing procedures. It is always prudent to rely on one professional for the installation and future maintenance and repair services.

With these techs, there will be no adverse shading effects and the impact of the PV systems will be less in the environment. Seamless integration in traditional roofs and higher energy yield will be achieved.

Advantages of solar tiles

Solar tiles are almost invisible. This is the most significant advantage of this tech since it eliminates the installation of large solar panels. This makes it perfect for all those who choose solar panels based on elegance.

Solar Panel installation
solar tiles
  • Aesthetics
  • Clean free energy
  • Durability
  • Perfect for new construction

Provision of clean and free energy

Using solar tiles energy enables you to save up to 60% of the energy bills and make profits from exporting the surplus energy. Solar tiles increase the value of your home since there is a high demand for green energy.


Solar panels have a lifespan of up to 40 years when properly maintained. They are however prone to destruction by hurricanes and other extreme weathers since they are mounted on metal. On the other hand, the solar panels are as durable as the roof itself. When properly installed, even the strongest hurricanes and winds will not shake them. The solar tiles act as protection for that section of the roof it is installed.

Perfect for new constructions

Solar tiles suit new buildings and help to maximize solar efficiency by reducing wasted roof space. Since different constructions have different layouts, solar tiles come in different styles to suit the various roofs. Besides, it is effortless to install solar tiles. Only one professional is enough.

Demerits of solar tiles

It is not possible to install solar tiles on existing buildings. Installation of solar tiles is only possible in ne buildings since the solar and the shingles have to be installed at the same time. This is contrary to the solar panels that can be installed even after the construction is complete.

Also, not all roofs can accommodate solar tiles. They require a perfectly pitched and angled roof to become eligible for their installation. On the other side, the standard solar panels can be installed even on the most complicated roofs.

Solar tiles are also expensive to purchase than the bolt-on panels. Also, they have low energy production efficiency compared to solar panels. However, if you are planning to build a new roof, this buying cost should not keep you away from purchasing it.

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