SASH Program

The Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) Program.

For the low-income homeowner, they may have challenges when it comes to installing renewable energy. Without fear of contradiction, the installation of the solar panel or preferably renewable energy is expensive to fix. The California Assembly saw this and passed a bill directing that 10% of all the solar initiative. The SASH program was put in place to make sure that the largest population of the California residents are connected with solar energy. The solar energy works such that you don’t have to pay for the monthly bills.  The main objective of the program is to ensure the families who have been left out historically can now have a connection to renewable energy.

SASH Eligibility Requirements

Solar Panel installation
solar tiles

There are requirements that you need to meet for you to be eligible for the entitlements. When you are applying for the rebate, there are some of the requirements. The first requirement is that you need to live and own a home. The home should not be a multi-family. You also need to have a salary that is below 80% or below the median salary income. The measure has also been put in place to ensure that the program only benefits the right and deserving families. You also need to live in a house that is termed as an affordable house.

The Main SASH Objectives

  • To ensure that they have connected most of the low-income residents with renewable energy.
  • To support the locals to get jobs and green training.
  • To enroll low-income families to the energy-efficient services
  • Helps the homeowners to save money on the energy bills.

All these objectives can be achieved through the collaboration of the SASH and the residents. If you live in affordable housing and you would like to be connected with the renewable energy you know where you can too. When all the residents of California get solar energy, it means that there be less adverse climatic effects.

Sub-Contractor Partnership Program

The SASH works hand in hand with the Sub-Contractor Partnership Program to ensure that the low income earns achieve a sustainable energy source. The program aims that the homeowners get the solar system installation. Since the installation of the solar system is a sophisticated program, the SASH works to ensure that they meet all the objectives.  Having a solar installation should be the aim of every homeowner.

Solar Installation

If you need a solar installation, you can visit a Grid Alternative who will then direct and guide you on the best way to get a solar system that fits your home needs. They will also help you to apply for the different programs that fit your category.

Monocrystalline solar panel
multicrystalline solar panel

Why You Should Enroll in the SASH Program

There are several reasons why you should opt for the SASH program. One of the primary reason is that it allows you to save on the energy bill. When you install the solar panel, it means that you will have an electrical connection. The renewable energy can support all the appliances that are used in low-income families and even in the commercial set up. After the installation of the solar system, you will be able to save the cash in the long run. But you need to know that the installation cost of the solar system is expensive. The best part is that several programs are run in California that offers incentives. The incentives are given to all those who are eligible. The programs are given in different categories depending on the needs of the residents of Carolina. Depending on which category that you fall, be sure there is a program for you.


With the current trend in the world, our climate changes tend not to be that favorable. Apart from the climate, we also have a challenge when it comes to economic growth. To steer the economic growth at the same time care for our environment, we should result in renewable energy. One of the best forms of renewable energy is the solar system. Here the solar panel converts the light energy into electrical energy. You can then use that energy in different household and commercial appliances. When you install the solar system, you are going to save more than 90% of your energy bills. That amount can then be used to grow the state’s economy.