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What you need to know about re-roofing services.

When I found that my roof had some leaks, I visited a local contractor so that they could give me advice on how to fix the leak. When I got to their offices, I was warmly welcomed by a lady called Christine. After raising my concerns, Christine said, “We can’t tell the kind of repair needed on your roof unless we send a contractor on-site.” I was assigned a contractor whom we went to my home for inspection. To my surprise, I was not charged for inspection as I only paid for the repair services. The services were excellent, and I got the real value for my money.

Although re-roofing is not for every roof, there are several benefits that you get by re-roofing, which includes:

  • Stronger roof support
  • It’s a cost effective alternative, best when you are on a tight budget.
  • Helps to give your home a new look, -it’s more of a cosmetic facelift.
  • Re-roofing is easy and a quick option

    Wooden roof installation services
    our team nails up a wooden roof for a home.

When your roof sheds off, there are many options to restore the roof. One of the common ones is the re-roofing, which is said to be cheaper than installing or replacing the whole roof. Several factors are considered before you can settle for re-roofing. One the common one is the type of your roof and if you have ever done re-roofing again.  If you have ever reroofed be sure that the next option that you have is to replace the whole roof. But what is the difference between the re-roofing and roof replacement?

What is re-Roofing?

In simple terms, re-roofing is adding a layer of shingles. You will only add a layer without removing any part of the existing roof. Since the process is simple and does not involve removing the existing roof, it is cheaper compared to installing a new roof. The main challenge is that you can’t reroof the same roof more than one time.

What is roof replacement?

The roof replacement is more of installing a new roof and bringing down the existing one. The roof replacement can also be done even when roof repair or re-roofing is necessary. The cost of roof replacement is high as it’s like installing the new roof. The best thing with roof replacement is that it gives your house a new look and you also have an option to change the roof material.

Re-roofing process

When you hire a contractor to handle the project, it may seem dangerous, but the contractors know how to be safe. A good contractor is the one with the safety gear and has all the tools and equipment. Some steps are followed to ensure that you’re there is minimal damage to your properties and reduce accidents. Some of these steps are;


The first stage is ensuring that all the property in your house is covered with straps to avoid any damage. You can also put some of the fragile items in a secure place. The main reason for these steps is to ensure that no damage is caused to your property. The contractor will guide you on how to protect your properties during the re-roofing process.

Wood inspection

Roofing installation

One of the other important steps is inspecting the wood. The inspection helps to determine is the wood can support the new shingles and also to avoid accidents. If the wood is rotten, there are high chances that you will have to replace the roof. If the wood is in a good state, then the re-roofing process can go ahead.

Shingles and installation.

It is another important step in the re-roofing process which comes after inspection. In this step, the re-roofing contractor installs the dripping edge and install ice and water shield around the chimney. All these are installed to prevent water from reaching the wood or entering the house through the chimney. After installing all the component, the contractor will now install the shingles. If the ridges vent needs to repair the contractor will fix it.

Post-Re-roofing inspection.

After all the job, the contractor will inspect to ascertain if the roof project is done up to the standard. If they detect any faulty, they will help in repairing before they leave.


Re-roofing is a good option if you have a tight budget or if you are planning to move shortly. The cost of re-roofing is affordable, and many contractors professionally handle the job. After re-roofing the roof looks as new and give your home a fantastic look.

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