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How to go about roof maintenance services.

It is always vital to maintain your roofing and to give it the attention it demands. Do not wait until when the roof is beyond repair to call a professional. I paid less attention to my roof and this cost me a lot. I ignored the signs that my roofing was falling. The shingles were getting lose and some had even fallen off. As time went by, I found my house roofs slanted on one side. I called a professional who said that there was no shortcut and replacing the entire roof was the only solution. What could have cost me some less cash to cost me almost all that I had saved. Inspect your roof from time to time and do the simple maintenance practices to avoid hefty repair costs.

Taking roof maintenance practices protects the roof against water damage which is the major problem that faces roofing. There are so many practices to undertake to ensure that your roof is well maintained. They include;

  • Roof inspection
  • Flashing
  • Roof moss removal
  • Leaves removal from the gutters
  • Roof cleaning
  • Attic and ventilation maintenance

Roof inspection

Roof and gutter cleaning
The need for roof cleaning after autumn leaves feel up the gutter and the roof on a house

A professional roof inspection is ideal is you treasure your roof. If possible, having your roof inspected twice a year is essential since it helps to detect roof problems early and have them managed before the problem gets out of hand. Sometimes the inspection might be done more times than twice a year when you experience a massive storm and hurricanes, which is a significant threat to your roof. There are specific parts the expert should take their time while going through the roof. They include;


The flashing is very susceptible to leaks ultra-violet degradation and thermal movement. A much detailed inspection should be done on the flashing areas which include the skylights, penetrations, and walls and check for loose or damaged parts.


The field of the roof sold is inspected and checked for any form of degradation, surface wear, and lap integrity. The professional is in a position to notice any problem or detect a dent that might be problematic in the near future and have it repaired.

Roof moss removal

Due to moisture, moss and algae start to grow around the shingles. When left for a long time unattended, mosses and algae can grow to be a severe problem. They take a significant part in shortening the lifespan of the roof. Since they like to grow under shades, trimming any tree or getting rid of anything blocking direct sunlight from getting to the roof will be an excellent start. Also, regular cleaning of the roof is helpful. However, do not use pressure washers to get rid of the moss as this could lead to damage to the shingles. Instead use a scrub brush and a garden sprayer is better.

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is an essential practice of roof maintenance. It helps to get rid of any debris, algae and other dirt that traps moisture on the shingles and prevent direct sunlight on the roof. Also, a clean roof helps to maintain and enhance the curb of appeal. Roof cleaning should not cost you your arm. There are different cost-effective ways of cleaning your roof. To remove dirt and mildew, a garden sprayer is all you need. For algae removal, some professional help is necessary, or you can use some low-pressure wash system. The cost of cleaning your roof will depend on the size of the roof, its material and the kind of debris.

Attic and ventilation maintenance

Roof installation services
our team installs a wooden rooftop for a customer.

Maintaining your ventilation system is essential. Attic ventilation keeps air flowing and that way you can enjoy clean and balanced air at all times. As part of the roofing, you should not ignore attic ventilation maintenance since it helps in keeping the energy bills low and increasing the lifespan of your roof. When neglected, the air passing though might be too hot or too cold, which might spoil the entire system which calls for additional repair services.

Removing leaves

If your roof has a low landscape, it is probably clean of leaves. However, your roof is quite complicated, it is hard for the roof to be clean on its own and with time, there is a pile of leaves on the roof collected from the trees into the valleys. Like other debris, these leaves will trap moisture and will decompose, which will gather more moisture, which will consequently become an ideal environment for weeds to grow. Sweep your roof from time to time to get rid of these leaves to prevent any roof dam

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