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Solar panel installation
High life with Solar panels.

Go green with an efficient solar panel for your home.

I was looking forward to purchasing a solar panel for my business entity. Seeing that a business place would consume a lot of energy compared to a residential area, I did not want to make the wrong move. I decided to engage a professional to help me in making the buying decision. I called company ABC, and the professional who answered my call was amicable ad easy to talk to. I explain what I wanted, and the following day, he visited the site, asked a few questions, and recommend the perfect solar system for the place. It is now three years since I contacted them, and my solar system has never failed me. Make them your partner and enjoy their rewarding services.

What is solar energy and how a solar panel works

Solar Panel installation
a team of 4 men installs a solar panel on the roof of a home.

Solar panels work by transforming suns energy into electricity that is useful in a home or business entity. The sun produced packets of energy called photons, which I every hour, enough photons reach the earth, which generates solar power. To be transformed into solar energy, the suns energy hit the solar cell and become lose an electron. These electrons get attached to the positive and negative sides of the cell, and they form an electric circuit. A flow of these electrons is then what makes electricity. Many of these solar cells are what makes the solar panel. Hence the more panels, the more solar energy is generated.

There are different types each with different characteristics and therefore suited for different places. Here are the common types;

Monocrystalline solar panel

This type is made from monocrystalline silicon. The dark color and round edges characterize it. They have an efficiency of 20 percent and above due to the purity of the silicon. For areas with high temperatures, this is the type to go for. They are durable and have a high power output, which explains why they are quite expensive.

Polycrystalline solar panel

This panel has a distinct look with many squares and uncut angles. They are common in blue color. They produce energy by melting raw silicon, making energy production quite faster and cheaper. Its efficiency is 15 percent and is not durable enough to resist high temperatures for a long time. The difference between the polycrystalline and monocrystalline panels is that that the monocrystalline has a more elevated space efficiency. However, they have a reasonably similar power output.

Thin-film solar panels

Thin-film is also called the Amorphous Silicon solar panels. They have thin-film solar cells and are typical for smaller power solar systems. These are the cheapest since it is easy to produce since it only requires a few materials.  In addition to its affordability, thin-film panels are also flexible. This makes them ideal for high-temperature areas. Also, they use three-layered tech. On the other side, their lifespan is lower, and so is their warranties.

Concentrated PV Cell

Concentrated PV cell panels have an efficiency of 41%. This high efficiency arises from curved mirror surfaced, lenses, and their cooling system. Of the other three, they are the most efficient. For them to reach their maximum efficiency, they should be placed to face the sun at a particular angle. To reduce the struggle, they have a solar tracker which follows the sun.


Solar panel installation
commercial solar panel repair in California. Residential roof with solar panel

When you purchase a solar panel, you need to consider its maintenance requirements. The maintenance will dictate the period it is going to serve you. Also, it is essential to consider the warranty. An active warranty allows you to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the product is protected. The panels need very little maintenance. Their lifespan is up to thirty years with no maintenance. The practice you should adopt is to clean the panels every three or four times a year to wash off the dirt and dust they accumulate for high efficiency. Cleaning allows sunlight to hit the panels and thus producing enough energy to turn it to electric power. Also, make sure to sweep away the leaves and remove the snow that falls on the panels.

Cleaning solar panels should be easy.

A garden hose is all you need to get the dust off. For dirt that requires a little attention, a sponge with a long pole should serve you well. For solar that are too high and we consider climbing the ladder risky, you can contact a professional to handle the task for you.

Also, time to time solar panel inspection is vital.

It is essential to do a regular check on your and maybe twice a year, call a professional to inspect the solar panel thoroughly. This will help fix any problem it might have before any severe damage. Seeing that some are expensive, we do not want to go back to the market now and then. Calling a professional is one way of ensuring that it serves you for an extended period.

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