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Types of roofs in three steps

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Choosing the different types of roofs to build your home.

Roofing is one hectic part of a construction. I was drawing a rough sketch of the house I wanted to build for my family. None of my roofing seemed to work out. I decided to spare myself the struggle and engage the help of a professional in roofing my home. I told him how I wanted my house to look like and from that he was able to advise me on the roofing. From his expertise, I now have an elegant home. For those suffering the same problem, this article will be of great help.

There are many types of roofing in terms of styles and materials you can choose from. All roofing styles have their strong and weak points. Let’s look and each one of them.

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Gable roof

This type is also known as peaked or pitched roofs. They are best known for their triangular shape, and it is the most common type of roofing used in the US. Gable roofs quickly shed away ice, and water ad allows for more ventilation. Besides, they have a simple design that is very easy to lay and therefore is very cheap and does not require a lot of materials and artistry to put. However, the roofing must be tightly fixed to prevent it from being blown away during hurricanes and strong winds. During construction, ensure there is no overhang to kame it hard for the wind to uplift it. Gable roofing needs time to time inspection for loose braces after a storm.

Types of gable roofs.

They include the side gable which has two equal panels laid at an angle to meet the ridge at the middle of the house. There is also the crossed gable roof which is simply a combination of two gabled roofs put together at 90 degrees. The crossed gabled roof is ideal for houses with different wings. There is the front gable placed at the front of the house and the Dutch gable, which is a combination of the gable and the hip roof.

Hip roof

This type of roofing has slopes on all the four sides which are of equal lengths and come together to form a ridge at the top. This roofing is more stable and sturdier than the gable roofing, which is due to the inward slope formed by the four sides. Also, it is ideal for places with high winds and snowy areas since the roofing is slant. If you are looking for the roofing to create an extra living space for a dormer or a crow’s nest, this is the one to go for. On the other side, this roofing is complicated and thus expensive to lay.

Types of hip roofs

The simple hip is one that has a polygon and a triangle on two sides. These sides come together to form a ridge at the top.

There is the crossed hip, which is similar to the crossed gable. It uses two hip roofs for homes with different wings.

The half hip. This e has two short sides that create eaves.

Mansard roof

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It is also known as the French roof and has four sides with a double slope on each side. These sides meet to form a low pitched roof. The lower slope is made to be steeper than the upper one, and the sides can be flat or curved depending on your taste. Mansard roofing can take the concave or convex dimension or a straight angle. It all depends on your taste.  Also, windows should be significant to provide light for the extra space. This roofing is ideal for people who want flexibility for future extension. It is not perfect, however, for snowy places.

Gambrel roof

The gambler roof is similar to the mansard, where they both have two types of slopes. The only difference is that the gambrel to sides in contrast to mansard, which has four sides. They give an extra living space, and its simplicity makes it cheaper to construct since it requires fewer materials.

Flat roof

This roofing has no pitch. It appears flat but has a slight pitch to allow water to run. This kind of roofing is common in industrial and commercial buildings. This roof gives an extra living space on the roof; thus, you can have a penthouse room. It is also ideal for the installation of heating and cooling units. Also, flat roofs give space for the installation of solar panels for energy efficiency.

There are so many choices to choose from when deciding the type of roofing to install. Your needs are the ones to drive you to the roof type you should install.

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