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Multicrystalline solar panels in three steps

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Why should you choose multi-crystalline Solar Panels

Are you looking for a way to enjoy cheap and efficient lighting in your home? What you need is a multi-crystalline solar panel. I used to face a lot of challenges paying my energy bills, which were spiking every day due to many needs. I told a friend with this problem and he mentioned this powerful solar panel that I am using till now. For a fact, I can say that the multi-crystalline solar panel is cheap. It will not cost you a lot to purchase and even to buy. With the right solar panel from a reputable manufacturer and regular inspection, a multi-crystalline solar panel will serve you for even three decades. I now mark seven years using my panel and so far I am only glad that I bought it.

What is a multi-crystalline solar panel?

This type is made from multi solar cells. Generally, the solar cells are easier and cheaper to establish that its cousin, monocrystalline cells. All you need is to make a polycrystalline ingot. To make an ingot, you melt a load of silicon and then empty this molten liquid in a large box where it will solidify.

This ingot is then cut into small square blocks which are then sliced into smaller and thinner wafers. You then clean the wafers, diffuse and coat with them with anti-reflecting substance. Print the electrical conductors on the new wafer. This will result in a solar cell. In contrast to the monocrystalline cells, the polycrystalline cells are square and have grain boundaries. This reduces their efficiency to produce energy since the electrons cannot flow freely.

Why choose multi-crystalline solar panels

There are several benefits that one can gain from choosing these solar panels for the production of energy. Below are some of them;

Solar Panel installation
solar tiles
  • Low cost
  • Less waste
  • Resistant to heat
  • Readily available
  • Environmentally friendly

Low cost

Compared to other solar panels, polycrystalline panels are less costly. From their production, polycrystalline panels require less labor and attention to manufacture them. Take, for instance, the monocrystalline panel; every cell is pulled from the silicon vat independently and placed on the panel. However, when it comes to the multicrystalline panel, the cells needs only cooling on the panel on a single and continued silicon sheet. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, this is the solar panel to go for.

Less waste

As mentioned earlier, the multicrystalline silicon crystals do not require individual attention when shaping and placing them on the panel. This not only reduces the cost of labor, but it also means that it generates less waste.

Resistant to heat

Multicrystalline panels are lower resistant to heat.  This means that its efficiency in producing energy falls as temperatures rise. This is a merit in that this solar panel has a higher temperature coefficient than those panels made from mono cells.

Readily available

Since these panels are easy to manufacture and they also have a relative purchasing price in the market, they are easy to find. Also, this means that the probability of finding certified and skillful professionals to install and maintain them is higher.

Environmental friendly

Compared to the monocrystalline panels, these are more environmentally friendly. Introduction of new and advanced technology in its manufacture eliminates the process of expensive soldering. This process included lead, which is harmful to the environment. Thus, the removal of this process proves to be of benefit to the environment.

Manufacturing process

Monocrystalline solar panel
multicrystalline solar panel

The manufacture of polycrystalline pales does involve the Czochralski method. This method demands more and thus costly. Hence, the low cost of manufacturing these panels translates to lower buying prices. Therefore, they are affordable to all.

Demerits of the multicrystalline solar panels

Although the multicrystalline panels have many benefits, they also have their shortfalls. Here are some of them.

Space inefficiency

Since the polycrystalline solar panels have low efficiency in the production of energy, you will need several panels to have the power you desire. This means you need to have adequate space to accommodate the panels you have. Thus, if you reside in urban areas or a place with inadequate space, this might not suit you.

Low heat tolerance

Its low heat tolerance makes it less efficient in production o energy during hot weathers. Also, this feature also reduces its lifespan.


Polycrystalline solar panels are delicate and can easily break. Since you need several to produce enough energy for your home, imagine the loss if a branch of tall trees fell on the panels.

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