Different Business Energy Rebates

Different Types of Business Energy Rebates.

If you own any business no matter how big or small it is, there is a need to save energy and in result, save energy.  The best thing is that there are rebates that are offered when you purchase energy-efficient equipment in your business. The PG&E offers you a rebate in money cashback, which helps you in business operation. When you buy the energy-efficient equipment and appliances for your business, you will need to apply for the PG&E rebates for your business. If your application is genuine and you have provided the right information, the PG$E will send you a money check. Remember the rebates are given depending on the kind of appliances or products that you purchased. For example, if you are buying a 48-inch ventilation fan, you will get a maximum of $200 for every ventilation.

 Rebates in Agricultural and Food Processing.

AC Installation
Technician is checking air conditioner

Agricultural is one of the strong backbones of the California economy. When working in agriculture, the objective is to produce food at an affordable cost. When there is a large energy bill in food production, the bill will be added on the food cost or the farmer gets no profit. The PG&E provides several programs which are aimed to make the energy to be efficient. The programs are in irrigation and livestock. Here they provide incentives to those who use the energy-efficient farm equipment to do the irrigation. For the food processing industry, they provide rebates in cooking equipment. If you are in any of these fields, consider visiting the website or representatives to help you understand.

HVAC Rebates.

Depending on the climatic conditions experienced in California, you are sure that there is a need for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. The PG& E offers programs which are aimed to achieve energy-efficient in the HVAC system. For every heating and cooling system that you install, be sure that there is a rebate for you. All you need to make sure is that you install the ones that are recommended by the PG&E. The refunds are given depending on the size of the system you have installed.  The more efficient your HVAC system is, the higher the rebates. Remember the cost of the energy-efficient system is more expensive, that’s why the cashback rebate.

Food Services

Another significant industry that needs to use energy-efficient appliances is the foodservice industry. Several appliances are used in the industry. Some of the appliances and equipment includes Cooker, refrigerators, dishwasher, oven, fryers, and conveyor oven.  All these appliances either use natural gas or even electricity. The PG&E understand that you need to use energy-efficient to save more money for other activities or increase profit. Whether you are using commercial or normal equipment, the PG&E is ready to give you a rebate. When you apply, and you meet all the requirements, they will send you incentives to your bank account.

Commercial and Residential Lighting Rebates.

Solar panel installation
solar tiles

For lighting either in commercial and residential premises, it is always good to use the energy-efficient lighting fixtures. In the stores, different lighting fixtures use the half the energy cost the traditional tungsten bulb costumes and thus cutting down the energy bill by half. The best part is that when you use the energy-efficient lighting fixtures in your premises, both residential and commercial, you are given rebates for appreciation by the PG&E. One of the recommended lighting fixtures is the Light Emitting Diode abbreviated as the LED. The LED comes with several benefits, which includes; they are energy efficient, and they are also mercury-free. These make them be environmental friendly for today, tomorrow and the future. With the LED, you are also able to manage and control the lighting. When you have installed the right energy-efficient lighting fixtures, you are eligible to get incentives.

Refrigeration Rebates

In the market this day, there are different kinds and models of refrigeration appliances. Some of the appliances are energy efficient while others consume a large amount of energy. When you are looking for refrigeration, consider the one that is star rated, and you will get rebates from PG&E. Consider using, ultra-low temperature freezer with energy star, and you will get up to $600 incentives. For the Anti-Sweat Heater (ASH) Controls you will get about $ 25/ linear foot in incentive.