Go Solar Incentive

GoSolarSF Incentive.

Green energy is the feature as it doesn’t have any adverse effect on our motherland. With this, the authorities in the city of San Francisco have come up with a program that helps to propel the use of solar energy. They come with a program which aims to see the people of San Francisco use the solar panel as their source of energy. Apart from being healthy to the environment, the solar panels help to cut down the energy bill. Once you install the solar system, you will not pay a monthly bill again. When you use the solar panel in your residential or commercial environment, you will get some incentive as a form of appreciation. The GoSolarSF provide the rebate depending on the size (in terms of watts) you install on your rooftop.

Solar panel installation
solar tiles

Looking For Solar System Installer.

When it comes to the solar system installation, you will need to hire someone who is certified. There are many reasons as to why you should hire an expert; experts understand what should be done for the solar to work optimally. When you hire a certified contractor, they have the authority to fill the claim form. You can then use the claim form to claim your incentives from the GoSolarSF. A contractor who is experienced also has a connection with the GoSolarSF. Thus, they know the regulations and codes that govern the program.  Whether it is residential or commercial premises, consider a reputable contractor, they have more to offer that the street contractor.

Residential Customers.

Where we live, we should ensure that we cut down the energy cost to the minimum but at the same have no limits. The best way to achieve his is by the installation of a solar panel in your home. The solar converts light energy and store it in a battery. The battery can then be the source of energy for your home. It doesn’t matter the size of your home; there is always solar that fits your need. All solar are not the same and thus the need for the CleanPowerSF program. The program is aimed to compensate residential homeowner who installs the solar system. After you have installed the solar system which is recommended by the GoSolarSF, you will then have a chance to claim your reward.

Low-Income Owners

If you are from a low-income class and you are not sure how you can benefit from installing a solar system, know that solar is a form of green energy which helps our city to be a good place. California’s Single-Family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program will offer you 100% installing cost inform of cashback if you install a solar system. This is to mean that you will not spend a single coin to get the solar system on your home. If you will not fit under the SASH program, it’s good to know that the GoSolarSF offers rebates to all the non –SASH and also to the low-income owner. When you want to get the rewards, you will need to have a contract before you can apply. If you have any problem regarding the whole programs you can visit an assistant, and they will be able to help you.

Solar Panel installation
solar tiles

Commercial Solar Installers.

We understand that even the commercial premises should play a role when it comes to saving our planet and need to reduce the cost of running energy dependent appliances. If you are a property owner, ensure that you visit the GoSolarSF representative or official website so that they can give you a hint on how you can benefit from the program. For you to get the incentive as a commercial owner, there are several forms that you will need to present for you to get the incentives. You will need to provide the tenant consent form, and also the cost justification and acknowledgment which should be signed by an approved contractor. After all, have been justified, you will get the rebate.


Let’s all come together and make our home friendlier to the environment. It is an initiative that GoSolarSF and the SASH have been championing. Whether you are in commercial or in a residential home, consider joining the program and help make San Francisco a better city. You will also get rewards to make the city healthy to you and your family.