Solar Panel FAQ

Considering solar energy in San Jose.

The solar system is a part of green energy, which means it helps in making the environment clean and healthy. The solar comes with a panel and a battery reserve. The panel converts the light into electrical energy which is then stored in the battery. The battery can then be used as the source of electrical power for the whole home. A solar system can be used in both the residential and commercial environment. What makes the solar more appropriate is that it comes with different sizes to mean that every person will get the one that fits their needs. There is also the solar heater which helps you to heat water using the electricity of natural gas.

Solar panel installation
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San Jose is a Solar Leader

In San Jose, the residents are encouraged to install a solar system to help control the environment of the state. Solar, as a renewable source of energy, can be used to power all household equipment and appliances. It doesn’t matter the model of, that you are using, be sure there is a solar system that can power it. The best thing about installing the solar system in San Jose is that you will be given incentives. For those installing the solar for commercial purposes, once they show the proof of ownership and have all the relevant documentation, you are eligible for the rebates. The rebates are given to both residential and the commercial setting. If you want to make San Jose a better place, consider installing the collect solar system and consider using Star rating appliances.

The FAQs about the Solar System in San Jose

What to do Before Installing Solar System?

Before you install the solar panel, you need to know why you are installing it and what your objective is. Although the main aim is to cut the cost of energy bills, you also need to consider the effects on the environment. You will also need to evaluate the value you are going to save by installing the solar panel. If you are not able to do the evaluation you can Silicon Valley Energy Watch, and they will help you out. Ensure that you install a solar panel that can be of benefits to you and your business.

The Solar Installation Process for You to Be Eligible for Incentive.

If you want to be eligible for incentives from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) you will need to follow the right procedure, the first procedure will be to look for a reputable contractor to handle the project. Once you agree with your contactor on which renewable to use you will need to fill a form with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) which connects you with the electric grid. After the connection, you will then install the system and contact the authority for inspection.

Plans and Requirements When Installing Solar System in San Jose

Solar Panel installation
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The requirements for both the commercial and residential differ due to several factors. When installing for a single-family, you should ensure that the panel is installed on the rooftop and the panel and the frame should not weigh more than 5 pounds per square foot. The solar panels should not be ballasted and should not go a maximum of 18 inches above the roof. If you feel that your plan and the requirement does not fit these criteria, you can contact PG&E to get a new project.

Financing Resources Available for Clean Energy Technologies.

If you cannot finance your renewable energy project, you don’t have to worry as there are several financing resources in San Jose. Contact the PG&E representatives, and they will outline to you all the resources available. If you can’t find a PG&E agent consider visiting their website and you will get to know more.


For those who stay in the low-income areas in San Jose, it’s good to know that there are programs that are put in place for you. There is the Grid Alternative – This is a non –profit program that helps the low-income household to get solar energy. Another program is the Build it Green – it is a program for low-income owner where they are supported to upgrade the HVAC, install a solar system and solar heater. Let’s cut down the cost of energy and make San Jose a better place.