SASH Program

Solar panel installation

The Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) Program. For the low-income homeowner, they may have challenges when it comes to installing renewable energy. Without fear of contradiction, the installation of the solar panel or preferably renewable energy is expensive to fix. The California Assembly saw this and passed a bill directing that 10% of all the […]

Solar Panel FAQ

Monocrystalline solar panel

Considering solar energy in San Jose. The solar system is a part of green energy, which means it helps in making the environment clean and healthy. The solar comes with a panel and a battery reserve. The panel converts the light into electrical energy which is then stored in the battery. The battery can then […]

Go Solar Incentive

Solar panel installation rebates

GoSolarSF Incentive. Green energy is the feature as it doesn’t have any adverse effect on our motherland. With this, the authorities in the city of San Francisco have come up with a program that helps to propel the use of solar energy. They come with a program which aims to see the people of San […]

Different Business Energy Rebates

Energy efficiency Comes to Those Who Wait.

Different Types of Business Energy Rebates. If you own any business no matter how big or small it is, there is a need to save energy and in result, save energy.  The best thing is that there are rebates that are offered when you purchase energy-efficient equipment in your business. The PG&E offers you a […]

Business Rebates

Business Rebates for Effective energy solution. When in business, you need to be sure that you save as much as possible so that you can make substantial profits. You need to be in business is to ensure that we make a living as we help others with our services. One of the best ways to […]