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California Advanced Home Program

When you are building a house this day, it is good to consider the effect that your house will cause to the environment. When building a house, build the one that will make the environment a better place. The material used to make the house and the process used plays a big part in influencing the climate. When you are not sure on the best way to make a world a better place consider the California Advanced Home program. They come up with techniques and ways in which you can make an ecofriendly house. The program is aimed to encourage residents to build an ecofriendly house by offering them some incentives.

The CAHP Incentives

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If you are a new family and you want to build an energy-efficient home, it’s good to know that the CAHP are willing to give you an incentive to help you achieve the goal. Their objective is to encourage the customers to build a house today for tomorrow’s environment. SoCalGas under the CAHP they have increased the incentives with more than 50%. On an average single-family home, you can get up to about $8550 to the affected areas. To get the incentives, you will have to register on a SoCalGas website and download the CAHP handbook and follow all the procedures.

SoCalGas and LADWP

The SoCalGas also works to ensure that the residents have a more economic friendly home. Under the LADWP the SoCalGas offers natural gas incentives. For you to meets get the incentives you need to meets all the requirements in the CAHP handbook, provide accurate information, you understand what the agreement entails and you have applied for the incentives. Remember also you have to be within the allowed region/ area. You also need to know that the contract can be terminated its time by the utility service providers. To other regions the SoCalGas also provide solar panels under the New Solar Homes Partnership. To get more information about the program, you need to visit the official go solar website.

Additional Financial Incentives.

When you have more than one element in the kicker program, it’s good to note that the CAHP will offer you some incentives.  The incentives go by the name kicker and are eligible for those living in the affected area. Where you comply with all the star program, you will be given free marketing material. The incentives vary from one family to another, and the best thing you can do is to contact the nearby SoCalGas representative for more information. If you need a happy and eco-friendly home, CAHP will be helped to build it. The amount of incentives varies depending on several factors.

Climate Zone Information

For you to have an ecofriendly home, you need to consider the climate zone. The cooling system that is installed in region 10 will not work effectively or to the optimal in region 7.  When you want to participate in the CAHP, you will need to ensure that you fill the compliance document and application letter for you to be considered. For you to get more information regarding the climate zone and different maps on the same consider following the California Energy Commission website.

Energy-saving techniques

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Most people are encouraged to use the photovoltaic and solar heaters to save energy consumption and reducing energy bills. When you want some help regarding the same, consider talking with the contractors to connect you with the people offering the incentive. The incentives are informed of cashback after you install the solar panel in your business or your home. A solar panel is a form of clean energy that has no adverse effect on the environment. For you to qualify for the incentive, you will have to hire a qualified contractor to install the solar system. The contractor will then offer you a letter of confirmation that you can use to claim for your cashback or incentive.


Having a healthy environment is something that we should strive to achieve in every activity that we undertake in our daily life. If you don’t have any information on how you can make your home eco-friendly consider visiting the SoCalGas and get the CAHP handbook. In the guide, you will get more information about the material, how to save on energy, and how to make a house that contributes to a conducive environment in the future.

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