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Solar Panel Installation in Berkeley, CA

After my friend Jacob recommend the installation of the solar panel, I have been giving it a thought.  Jacob is that person who cares more about what is emitted to the atmosphere and always championing on reducing the carbon footprint. According to what Jacob said is that I am under a category that qualifies for about 80% of the total installation fee rebates when I install a solar panel. Now, this is a good deal and something that I will consider. Since I was given the whole process am now looking forward to buying an installing a solar panel. According to the details that I was provided with, I can say that solar panel even without the incentive it’s worth the investment.

Types of Solar Panel

Not all the solar panel are the same form the material that is used to make them and also with the size. Every solar panel comes with its advantage and disadvantages. When choosing the right one for your home, you need to study them and understand how each of them works. Here are the four common types of solar panel;

  • Monocrystalline
  • Multicrystalline
  • Thin Film
  • Solar Tiles

Solar panels

Monocrystalline solar panel
multicrystalline solar panel

The importance of installing a solar panel is that you will no longer pay for the energy bills. It means you can start saving from the first day after the solar panel installation. To get a solar panel that fits you, you will need to hire an expert who will assess the watts that you require for your day to day operation. For example, an industrial plant will not install the same solar panel as a homeowner. Considering all the types of the solar panels that exist, and they also differ in size, if you don’t have an expert it will be hard for you to find the one that fits your home. The best thing is that there is a program initiated in Berkeley that aims to create awareness about the solar panel. Contact SolarGoSa Agent in your region, and they will guide you through.


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