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Roofing contractor in Menlo Park, CA

People this day are opting to replace their roof more than repairing the whole roof. We have appointments every day where clients both in residential and commercial setting ask for roof replacement.  When we get to the field, we first inspect the roof to determine if it is worth the replacement of repair can work. We are not interested in the charges but offering the best affordable solution for your roof.  After we give the clients the available options. We are not the one who gives the final decision; ours is just providing recommendation and guidance. For example, we try and explain the situation when roof replacement is necessary. Here is some reason to consider roof replacement is better than repair.

  • When the repair cost is higher compared to the cost of replacement
  • When you need to change the structure of your roof
  • When the roof is old enough
  • When the wood is supporting the roof rot.
  • When you want to change the roof design.

Roofing services

When your roof leaks or there are broken shingles, you can opt for roof repair. The repair is not expensive, and the project is done within the shortest time possible. Roofing contractor in Menlo Park, CA is happy to give your roof a new look after minor damage and leaks. You do not want to live in a house where when it rains water leaks and damages your furniture and other valuables. When you detect a leak, you will need to act immediately to avoid further damage. When the leak is not repaired for a long time, the water will drop to the wood, which will lot and make the roof weak. When the roof is weak, any pressure put on the roof will make it collapse, and thus the only option will be a replacement. The cost of repairing a leak is insignificant to the cost of replacement. To avoid roof replacement before the right time considers repairing the simple leak.

Solar Panel Installation in Menlo Park, CA

When you want to cut down the cost of business operation, the first thing that you should consider is the installation of the solar panel. The solar panel helps to run the business and industrial machine without spending a coin since it uses the sun rays. There is a large solar panel which has high energy efficiency. They come with a sun tracker and a cooling system. The tracker is used to trace the sun and move the solar panel as the movement of the sun rays. The cooling system helps to cool the solar system. When you want to install the solar panel, you will need to check with authority and check if they are offering rebates. Some programs are put in place to make homeowner and commercial building install a solar panel.

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