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 Solar Panel Installation in Freedom, CA

My son had an assignment of which he had to submit, and it happened the lecturer was very strict. The day of submission, we had power outage in our area, and we didn’t have a backup plan. My son was disappointed as I didn’t know how I could help him. When he went back to school, the lecturer didn’t have an option apart from giving him an F. My son failed an exam just because there was a power outage.  After that day, I decided that such an issue will never happen in the future. I contacted a solar installation company and had a solar panel installed. Whether is a power outage, or no, I no longer care as I have excess power. The best part I collaborated with Single-family Affordable Solar Homes Program (SASH) who offered to offer an incentive in terms of cashback.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Solar Panel Installation in Freedom, CA

Solar Panel installation
solar installation

If you have never considered a solar panel installation, there are many reasons why you should now.  By installing the solar panel, you are doing yourself good as well as the environment. Here are the reason why for solar installation;

  • Saving money in the long term
  • To earn tax credits
  • It’s more of a home investment
  • To achieve energy security
  • To reduce energy reliance
  • To save the world and make it a better place.

Solar Panel

When you want to save the environment, you start by reducing the carbon emotion.  You will also need to minimize substance such as mercury which is emitted to the atmosphere by certain appliances. From a study, it was observed that solar panel installation reduce the carbon emission significantly. Take for a case using the biofuels to generate the electric energy or using the biofuel and coal in cooking; you will emit a high level of carbon, which has adverse effects on the environment. When you are using the solar panel, you are not exuding any carbon to the environment, and you can power all the appliances that used the biofuel generated energy. You can also use the energy from the solar panel to cook and even to start industrial machines.


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