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Roofing contractor in Atherton

Roof installation

After you have considered insulation, it is always good to consider reroofing if the roof is not in a good state. Years after the installation of the new roof, under natural and mechanical factors, your roof will shed off. When such happens, several options are considered to restore the roof to its normal state. One of the recognized methods is reroofing.

The method involves adding shingles on the existing roof. The method is cheap and affordable since there is no substantial labor required. Reroofing can also be handled by anyone who has basic knowledge about roofing. All that is needed is to inspect the status of the wood and know which material you will use to reroof. Although you can handle the project on your own, you will need the services of a qualified and experienced roofer for better results.

Solar Panel

When you have a good roof and a house, you should know to consider the installation of a solar panel. The solar panel helps to reduce the energy bill significantly. The solar panels soles depend on the sunlight rays to produce electricity and heat energy, which can be used in our home.

There are different types of solar panel, and each of them comes with unique benefits and disadvantages.  Some of the common types of the solar panel are Monocrystalline, Multicrystalline, Thin Film, and Solar Tiles. All the four types of solar panels produce electric current and heat current, which is then stored in the battery as a reservoir. The battery acts as the source of energy.

The best thing with the solar panel is that they do not emit any harmful chemicals like mercury, hazardous fume. All this makes the solar panel to be the best source of renewable energy in that it is a friend to the environment. When you install a solar panel in Berkeley and follow the standards, you will get some incentives.

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